Juices & Smoothies

Healthy Homemade Natural Almond Milk

Why should you go to the trouble of making your own almond milk? Isn’t it easier to just buy a carton from the store? I mean, it’s everywhere these days! However, if you’re aiming for a real food diet, these highly processed milks definitely miss the mark. Like most processed foods, store-bought almond milk contains […]

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Energy Elixir Smoothie

This Energy Elixir will start your day off with a bang! The fresh spinach, chia seeds, and almond milk provide all the protein you need to tackle your day. The ginger, unrefined coconut oil, and turmeric will help you fight inflammation, as well as provide you with the healthy fat needed for optimal nervous system […]

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Chai Goddess Smoothie

Whether it is the middle of summer or the coldest day of winter, this Chai Goddess Smoothie will delight your taste palate and energize your morning. This yummy goodness helps you to fight inflammation, provides your necessary daily dose of healthy fat, and gives you a full protein source to fuel your body. So, grab […]

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