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Healthy DIY Pet Food Recipe for Dogs and Cats

Do you want to feed your fur babies a high-quality wet food they’ll love at a price you can afford? Look no further than this economical, nutritious, and appealing recipe adapted from The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. From just a few simple ingredients, you can make your furry friends a food that […]

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Detox Your Toothpaste Naturally

Did you know that most commercial toothpastes are toxic? Ever notice that little warning label on the tube? The one that says in bold letters, “DO NOT SWALLOW” and “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”? How about, “CONTACT POISON CONTROL”? Poison…think about that for a moment. This is not acceptable! Despite what the advertisements tell […]

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DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

Do you buy several different cleaning solutions for various areas of your home? One for the kitchen counters, one for glass, one for the bathroom? Are you aware of the harmful chemicals found in most commercial household cleaners? Many of us are unknowingly spraying and spritzing all kinds of toxic, allergy-inducing, hormone-disrupting poison all over […]

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Detox Your Mouthwash with this Chemical Free DIY

Is your mouthwash doing more harm than good? You may be surprised to learn that the “tingly feeling” you get after using your current brand is actually making life easier for the bacteria you’re trying to kill. Surprised? You’re not alone. Most commercial mouthwashes contain large amounts of alcohol. The alcohol serves no purpose except […]

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Detox Your Laundry Habits Naturally

Did you know your clothes are in need of a detox? Sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually true! Chemical-filled, synthetic detergents and dryer sheets can actually trap dirt and odors in the fibers of your clothing and towels. In addition to trapped dirt and odors, all those synthetic fragrances can wreak havoc on your […]

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