Giving Back

Hello!  We here at Crazy Fun Health and Home are passionate about helping others.  We all benefit from a helping hand at times.  People have reached out to help make our lives better and our dreams become a reality, so we strive to pay it forward.  We derive so much joy from our furry friends that we’ve included them, too!

We dedicate 10% of our profits to organizations that we believe in, as they help a variety of individuals from all walks of life.  If you would like to join up with the Crazy Fun team and give back, here is a list of our favorite organizations with a description of how they improve the lives of people and animals.

•    Best Friends Animal Society, Best Friends is a no kill shelter for abandoned and abused animals.  They will never, EVER give up on an animal.  They started in Utah and now have networks across the United States.  They will take in all domesticated animals and give them medical care, love, and most of all, a safe place to live until they find their forever home.

•    Charity Water,  Charity water’s focus is bring fresh drinking water to the 663 million people on our planet that currently do not have fresh water to drink.  They achieve this goal by suppling freshwater wells, rainwater catchments, and sand filters to impoverished areas of the world, surprisingly some of those places are located here in the United States.

•    Homeschool League Defense Association, HSDLA is an amazing group of individuals that have developed a nonprofit ministry dedicated to protecting parents’ rights to choose how their children will be educated.  They accomplish this through low cost legal aid to individuals and families in need.

•    Kiva, Kiva is an amazing program that assists individuals, families, and groups, and contributes to a sense of accomplishment for them.  This organization funds loans to poverty stricken areas of the world where, otherwise, a loan would not be possible.  These actions give hope, aid, and support where it is desperately needed.  The recipients are so thankful that they are eager to pay the loan back that bettered their lives.  For only $25, you can change someone’s life, be repaid, and pay it forward again and again.

•    Farm Aid, Farm aid is a nonprofit organization that works to keep the family farmers in America thriving.  They work to get the produce from family farms into grocery store, local farmers markets, restaurants, and schools.

If you are passionate about a particular organization we would love to hear more about it.  Please share any relevant information regarding your favorite organization in a message below, or you can email us.

From the Crazy Fun Health and Home team,
Thank you for your passion in giving!