The Crazy Fun Way to Get Healthier, Whiter Teeth: Oil Pulling!

Are you ready to do something crazy? Of course you are-that’s why you’re here! I want to introduce you to oil pulling and show you just how easy it is to have a healthier mouth and whiter teeth. Is it fun? Well…that’s debatable. BUT– it is simple, easy, and inexpensive and the results are fantastic!

Oil Pulling is not new, despite the growing knowledge about the practice. It is a practice rooted in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years. Why should this be of any interest to you? Because it can keep your teeth cleaner, healthier, and whiter without harmful chemicals.

In fact, the practice couldn’t be simpler! All you need is good quality coconut oil and 5-20 minutes in the morning. Many resources indicate that sesame oil is the traditional oil used for oil pulling. Frankly, I couldn’t stand the taste. I use organic, unrefined, extra-virgin coconut oil instead. I already have it on hand for a multitude of other uses, it tastes better, and it works beautifully.

Why should you oil pull? There are many reasons. One, coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial and bacteria lurking between the teeth is the reason we get tooth decay and bad breath. Two, oil pulling will whiten your smile without harsh chemicals. Three, it is a super inexpensive practice you can do at home. Healthier, whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of harmful chemicals? Yes, please!

When do you oil pull? First thing in the morning! If you wait until after breakfast, you may feel nauseous. Oil pulling is most effective and most comfortable shortly after you first wake up, so make it a habit to do it before you do anything else. You can multi-task! Do your pulling while you do other “morning” routines (brush hair, use the bathroom, read the paper, etc.). You only need to do this once per day, always in the morning.

How do you oil pull? It’s really very simple, and once it becomes part of your regular routine it will be as natural to you as brushing your teeth each day. Here’s what to do:

  1. Put 1-2 teaspoons of organic, unrefined, extra-virgin coconut oil in your mouth.
  2. Let the oil become liquid (it will do so quickly).
  3. “Pull” and swish the oil around in the mouth. You really want to work it through the teeth, pulling it through the front and sides of the mouth. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 20. If you can only do a couple of minutes at first, that’s okay. It will get easier the more you do it.
  4. Spit the oil into a trash can and NOT down the sink! Over time, coconut oil can really clog your plumbing.
  5. Rinse your mouth well (some people like to rinse with warm water), then floss and brush your teeth as usual.

Your mouth should feel very clean and refreshed! Over time, you will notice whiter teeth and hopefully a healthier mouth. Oil pulling can help to loosen and prevent stubborn plaque and make your dental check-ups easier.

In addition to oil pulling, consider swapping your commercial oral products to healthier, homemade versions. Toothpaste and mouthwash are super easy to make yourself and extremely economical! Happy pulling!

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