Mindful Peace

Believe it or not, part of a Crazy Fun Healthy lifestyle is making time to pause and reflect. Not to sound too “Kung Fu Panda”, but inner peace is where it’s at! Learning how to meditate has been a definite game changer for us here at Crazy Fun Health and Home.

It as little as a five minutes a day you can achieve big results. Most of us go through our days in survival mode, simply reacting to everything that comes at us instead of going about our days with purpose. We can help you change that! We have several tried and true resources to share with you that have helped us live each day with intention. When your mind is at peace, your body will follow.

Feeling unwell isn’t just a result of poor eating and lack of movement. Your thoughts are nourishment for your soul. If your thoughts are full of junk (stress, anger, and self-loathing) your soul will suffer and so will your body. It’s not enough to eat healthy foods and provide your body with regular exercise. You must also replenish your mind and nourish your soul.

The mind controls so much of the physical body that it simply cannot be neglected. We know, it took us awhile to come to an understanding of this concept as well.

Bottom line: it is impossible to achieve true health if you neglect to clean up your thoughts. Crazy Fun Healthy People spend a little time cultivating peaceful, positive mindsets.
Join us and begin your journey to a Crazy Fun Healthy Life today!